Tips for Having A Great Session

Deciding What to Wear:

A Little Planning Goes a Long Way!
My goal during a photo session is to create images that draw the viewers attention to your faces. That being said, lots of patterns, stripes and phrases are distracting.

Long sleeve shirts also help you “blend” in.

If your soldier is wearing the new MultiCam uniform, choose colors that go with it. Blacks, Browns, and many shades of green compliment the pattern.

If your soldier is wearing ACUs, you might want to considershades of blue, black or even white.

Photography and young children:

Plan to relax and have fun!
You may not realize it but you have a lot invested in your photo session (even if it is FREE). And you want them to be just perfect… Your children can sense your excitement and anticipation. It usually backfires. So just plan to relax, listen to your photographer and trust me to get beautiful images of your child.

By the way… Some kids take better pictures when Mom or Dad aren’t around. It has something to do with testing the “new” gal.  So Please don’t be offended if I ask you to step away so that I can engage your child.

Be creative!
If your husband reads to your little ones or plays football with your older one, bring their favorite book or the football with you to your photo session.

These make great images that both Dad and your kids will treasure forever. Imagine an image of your little girl walking away, dragging her teddy bear.

Never Tell Your Child to Smile or “Say Cheese”
I am not sure who came up with the idea or why “say cheese” caught on but it doesn’t really capture natural, happy smiles!

Don’t believe me? Try practicing saying “cheese” in the mirror and you’ll see. Instead, try saying ANY word that ends in “ie” ~ like Silly Monkies!”

You can help Me…
As a parent, you know how to make your child smile! If you would like to help me, that would be great.  When I photograph children, I spend a lot of time close to the ground! When assisting me, please come over just behind my shoulder. If you stand above me, your child will appear to be staring off into the sky!

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