Not Operation Love Reunited ( OpLove )

Not Operation Love Reunited ( OpLove )

Even though our programs are similar, I just wanted to take a moment to explain that I am not affiliated with Operation Love ReUnited.

They have a good program for soldiers and I was an Operation Love Reunited photographer for awhile. My program is based on their concept but I had some issues with their policies.

First, I don’t require orders. When you book a session through Free Photos 4 Soldiers, I will not ask you to provide orders. I trust you and in most cases, because of my connections with most Army units on Fort Bliss, TX , I know if your unit is deploying. But if you feel the need to book more than one FREE session and are able to convince your soldiers to put on their uniform for a photography session more than once, you probably really need the pictures or you were really unhappy with the service a photographer provided you.

Second, I allow you to buy pictures after your initial session if you choose to. You are never under any obligation to purchase anything but I think you should have the option if you want to. Because OpLove is a charitable organization, it limits it’s photographers as far as selling additional products once your photo session is complete. It’s difficult for photographers in a military community as large as Fort Bliss, TX to provide free photography services to so many deploying soldiers without the ability to cover costs through potential sales.

I hope this post clarifies some common questions that you might have!

Not Operation Love Reunited ( OpLove )

Not Operation Love Reunited

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