Free Photography Sessions For Deploying Soldiers: Welcome

Free Photography Sessions For Deploying Soldiers

My name is April Melton.

I have been a soldier for almost 25 years and I’m a photographer.

In 2005, I was deployed from my hometown in Waterloo, Iowa to Ft. Bliss, Texas. During those 3 years, I worked with thousands of soldiers who were deploying overseas.

These experiences made me very aware of how very important photography is to creating and maintaining strong Military families.

“FREE Photos 4 Soldiers” is about giving back to those who sometimes give everything to serve our nation.

My studio, El Paso Portraits, offers 2 FREE Photography Sessions to any soldier who is deploying to another country and can not take their families with them.

After the photo session, I take all of the images and create a touching video (like the one above) set to music.  The soldier gets a FREE 4×6 photo album of their pictures to take with them and their spouse, parent or child can choose a FREE 8×10 for themselves to keep.

For the second photography session, I meet the soldier and family members for their “Welcome Home” ceremony whether that’s a 1 pm or midnight; at the DAACG or the El Paso International Airport. My soldiers have 24 hour access to my service.

Or the family can opt to have a second free photography session in civilian clothes in either my studio or at the park.

I am not asking for donations, but I do need your support in getting the word out to more soldiers and their families.

These sessions are provided completely free and there’s never an obligation to purchase anything, although families often do purchase additional portraits. We have a complete line of products including wallets, shaving bags, pillows and other home decor.

Won’t you please help me support our country’s deploying soldiers by sharing the like button above or below?

April Melton

El Paso Portraits
(915) 820-8716

Free Photography Sessions For Deploying Soldiers


4 Responses to Free Photography Sessions For Deploying Soldiers: Welcome

  1. congrats on the new blog! i think the work you do with military families is awesome! stop by our blog anytime…

  2. Nice Blog April! Keep blessing our military families! God bless you!

  3. Admin says:

    Thank you for the kind compliment and Yes, I designed it myself.

  4. Wendy Guerrero says:

    I find this lovely … My husband is deploying now in feb … Would love to have this oportunity

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